WATCH: Could This Be A Way Of Stopping Motorists From Using Disabled Bays?

Footage has emerged on social media from ‘Merica of a citizen getting a wheelchair handcuffed to his car after parking in a disabled spot.

The citizen responsible for the prank claimed that his ‘pet hate’ was able-bodied citizens parking their vehicles in disabled spots, so he decided to handcuff a disabled persons wheelchair to the car.

In the footage below, the owner of the car, an able-bodied citizen, can be seen returning to his vehicle only to find that the wheelchair was firmly attached to his door.

The Ministry of Morale has assessed that this is actually a good way of discouraging people from using disabled bays when they are clearly able-bodied.

This also includes the thousands of citizens who have managed to get a blue badge from their local councils after convincing the authorities that they need one for reasons such as, they suffer from bad dreams and/or are prone to flatulence.

We also think that a good way of stopping people from parking in ‘mother and baby’ bays would be to tie dirty nappies to the door handles of cars which are parked in the bays, despite there being no evidence of young citizens onboard.

Talking about the idea, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“There is only one thing more annoying that able-bodied citizens parking in disabled bays and that is single blokes parking in mother-and-baby bays.

“This is nearly as annoying as seeing able-bodied drivers using blue badges when they have more mobility than the UK Athletics Team.

“If our morale algorithms detect any morale failures from motorists in either of the two aforementioned categories after suitable ‘punishment’ has been administered then we will, of course, let you all know”.

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