Citizen Has A Meltdown After Member Of Emergency Services ‘Spotted’ In A Shop

The follow is a personal message from our Chief Morale Officer to the citizen who posted in a ‘spotted’ group, after they saw a member of the emergency services DARE to enter a shop:


‘You might think that this headline/morale notice is a wind-up. But, alas, it is not.

Someone actually had a morale failure after they saw a member of the emergency services DARE to pop into a shop whilst they were on duty.

Let’s just let this sink in for a second…

They seemed to not be happy with where the emergency vehicle parked, without realising that in a life-or-death situation, seconds can be the difference between someone living and someone dying which is why the emergency services will park their vehicles as close to the shops as they can.

The Ministry of Morale would like to point out to the muppets who like to complain about this sort of thing, that if your son or daughter was in the emergency services, then would you expect them to work a 14-hour shift without buying provisions?

If your loved one was in a life-or-death situation, then would you expect there to be a delay in the emergency services getting to your loved one, because they had to park their car several hundred meters away from the shop that they DARED to pop in to?

Of course you wouldn’t you absolute buffoon.

So why should someone else’s son or daughter, who is in the emergency services, not be allowed to pop into a shop?

You waffle on about them making a ‘pack lunch’.

Are you for real?

Are you really that pathetic that you think that someone who starts a shift at 0700 should make themselves a packed lunch so that they then negate the need to pop into a shop, helping prevent c**kwombles like yourself from having to report such a ‘sighting’ to a ‘spotted’ page?

You sir/madam, are the epitome of what is wrong with our society, you self-important self-obsessed womble of the c**ks.

Did the gate get left open at the t**t farm in which you reside on the day that you ‘spotted’ a member of the emergency services popping into a shop? Which is how and why you just happened to see this crime against humanity?

The sort of pathetic morons who moan about the emergency services having a break are also the sort of individuals who would call the police, because someone looked at them in a funny way.

They are the sort of individuals who would phone an ambulance and demand to be taken to A&E because they dropped their mobile phone on their foot (whilst wearing shoes).

They are the sort of individuals who would call the fire service, because their cat, one of 50 they live with, refuses to come down from their garden shed.

Get a grip and sort your s**t out you absolute melt’.


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