Wedding Cake Causes Morale Failure At Wedding

The Ministry of Morale has been advised that there has been a massive morale failure at a wedding recently after the bride and groom decided to opt for a wedding cake that was not in keeping with the traditional ‘multi-tiered’ type of cake that you would find at your typical wedding.

According to reports, once all of the guests were taken over to the cake-cutting area of the venue, the cake-penis was unveiled much to the horror of a lot of the guests, especially the young and the elderly.

Some joker had even iced the words: ‘to have & to hold’ on the cake.

The morale meltdown was immediate and instantaneous with various resources being sent to the location by the Ministry of Morale in order to try and restore morale levels.

Apparently, the guests who did not initially experience a morale meltdown, did so once the bride cut the tip off of the cake.

It was at this moment, that raspberry coulis started to seep from the head of the cake.

In particular, the men who had gathered at the event started to whine and cross their legs as the bride slowly sliced off the tip of the penis cake.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We can only start to imagine how the guests must have felt, particularly those from the groom’s party, as the bride slowly sliced off the luminous pink tip of the penis.

“We would ask anyone who is considering having the same cake design at their wedding, to please inform their guests before they arrive in order to avoid any mass instances of morale failures”.

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