Morale Failure As Two Navy Pilots Disciplined For ‘Drawing’ Massive Penis Using Their Jets

The Ministry of Morale (armed forces division) understands that the United States Navy has disciplined two of its pilots who drew a giant penis in the skies above Washington State.

Citizens looked on in amazement at what they saw as the two unidentified pilots of the EA-18G ‘Growler’ (no pun intended – that’s the actual name of the aircraft) outlined the image in the skies above them.

Audio from the cockpit reveals how the Navy officers laughed as they boasted about how it would be “so easy” to draw the huge penis.

And, by the looks of it, they did a great job.

An official investigation into the incident found that the pilots did not think their handiwork would be noticed, believing that their contrails would quickly disappear into the clouds.

But after unsuccessfully trying to fly over the contrails, they were forced to land and refuel – and pictures had already been posted online.

The Navy Times has now revealed that the pair were disciplined for their actions – but continue in their posts.

An investigator wrote:

“While the sky writing conducted by (the lieutenants) was crude, immature, and unprofessional, it was not premeditated or planned and not in keeping with their character demonstrated prior to the incident.

“Even so, it has caused the United States Navy severe embarrassment in the public arena and jeopardises the strategic narrative that underpins the justification of the flight hour program.”

The pair received “non-punitive letters of instruction” as the investigator concluded that “this is not a mistake they will repeat”.

The investigator added: “Minus the current circumstances, they have never given me a reason to doubt their trustworthiness or their resolve to be officers in the Navy.”

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“To be honest, here at Morale HQ, we think that the aviators did a great job in ‘drawing’ the huge penis.

“Perhaps they were worried about the planet being invaded by aliens and thought that, by creating the artwork, then any advanced civilisation would simply laugh themselves into submission.

“Or maybe they were trying to warn us all about a giant penis-sized comet that they had spotted as it narrowly missed hitting the earth?

“Either way, we commend these pilots for their airmanship and would like to buy them both a Bud Light.

“We are glad that common sense prevailed and that they did not end up getting demoted to civilian status”.

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