Protestors Expected To Descend On London To Protest About Duck Tape

The Ministry of Morale has had ‘A1’ intelligence from an undercover morale agent indicating that at least three people are expected to protest in London over the use of ducks when making duck-tape.

Whilst our intel suggests that this will be a peaceful protest, we are urging Londoners to be aware of a shortage in the supply of duck tape during the protest.

This could mean that millions of citizens who were hoping to fill their bank holiday weekend up with DIY jobs might have to find something else to do.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“The Ministry acknowledges the right of citizens to be able to carry out peaceful protests.

“It would seem that, on this occasion, three protestors are making their way to London in order to highlight the plight of ducks which are used in the production of duck tape.

“There is no intel, at this stage, to suggest that the gathering will be anything but peaceful.

“Refreshments will be provided, including left over duck pate and duck spring rolls from the weekly feast that is held annually at the Ministry of Morale”

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