‘Is The Road Really Closed’? Citizen Overheard Asking Police Officer As Volcano Erupts

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of an incident that unfolded somewhere around the globe recently whereby a road had to be closed owing to the fact that a volcano was erupting.

As an unknown citizen approached the road closure, he was heard by one of our undercover morale agents to say:

“Officer, is the road really closed? Surely not!? WHY!?!?”

Despite the fact that the officer pointed out that there was a volcano erupting ahead and that the road was under 8 ft of lava, the citizen still insisted on being let through on the basis that he ‘had to get down to the shops for some milk”.

The Ministry of Morale would like to remind citizens that when the police close a road, then it is often for a good reason, such as, in this case, the road ahead might be washed away by red-hot molten lava.

Whilst everyday groceries such as milk are important, they are not worth your life.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Unfortunately, we are not surprised that this citizen asked the police if the road was really closed despite there being a volcano erupting ahead of them.

“We hear from officers all of the time after they have experienced a morale failure having been shouted at for daring to shut the road during a critical incident.

“We also regularly hear from members of the fire service and ambulance-taxi-service who inform us that they are often asked, “has something happened” or, “Can I drive down that road” even when there is a scene of carnage ahead of them.

“Whilst we would love to allow natural selection to do its job, the Ministry cannot be seen to allow citizens to drive into areas which could cause their death.

“We would like to thank citizens in advance for their understanding”

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