Snapchat’s New ‘Gender-Swap’ Filter Likely To Cause Serious Morale Outbreaks (And Failures)

The Ministry of Morale, the fictitious organisation that we are, has been monitoring the use of Snapchat’s new ‘gender swap’ filter that seems to have been responsible for numerous outbreaks and failures of morale.

The filter enables men to see themselves as women, and women to see themselves as men.

One of the stand-out images from the filter is the featured image (below) that shows a male baring his hairy naked breast having made himself look like a female.

Whilst we have been monitoring the situation, the outbreaks of morale from having used the filter have been outnumbering the failures, but this could soon change.

As more and more people use the filter and realise that they fancy themselves as a man/woman, then dating apps such a Tinder could become obsolete.

For example, rather than trying to find a partner, citizens could end up printing off images of themselves as the opposite sex, turning these images into masks and then staying indoors in order to ‘date’ the gender-opposite version of themselves.

We are therefore advising all citizens who have the app to make themselves aware of this danger before it’s too late.

If you know someone who uses Snapchat, then let them know about the dangers of using the ‘gender-swap’ filter, otherwise, they might never be seen again as they stay indoors indefinitely as a result of ‘self-dating’.

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