Woman Takes Photo Of Duck, Turns Out It’s Actually A Black Dildo

The Ministry of Morale has been informed of a morale failure that took place earlier on today, 14th May, whereby a keen wildlife photograph, who had entered a photography competition, snapped what she thought was a rare black duck.

In fact, it turned out that the photographer had instead snapped a black dildo that had been left out in the elements by persons unknown.

The exact reason for the ‘toy’ being left where it was is not yet known, but the object has been sent off to our forensic DNA labs for morale testing.

Our morale agents were on-hand to offer the photographer some much-needed morale replacement after she realised that she had not actually taken any photographs of one of the worlds rarest birds.

Unfortunately, the photographer has now been unable to enter the nature competition that she was hoping to win, despite one of our morale agents offering to dress up as the rare duck so that the happy-snapper could pretend that she had in fact photographed the majestic breed of duck.

It was only after the photographer had called the RSPCA that she realised that the object she had been taking photos of wasn’t a duck.

The lady, who shall remain nameless, became concerned for the welfare of the duck after it had not moved for over four hours.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We would urge nature photographers to always try and ensure that the animal they are snapping, is, in fact, an animal.

“In this situation, the whole sorry episode could have been avoided if the photographer would of thrown some bread towards the ‘duck’.

“She would have then realised that the ‘duck’ was either dead, or, as in this case, was a disused dildo.

“The ‘toy’ will now be put up for sale on the Ministy’s eBay account’.

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