Morale Outbreak Expected After Virgin Holidays Advertise For ‘Bartender In Paradise’

If like many citizens, you have had enough of your job because you are underappreciated or you do not get paid enough for the s**t you have to put up with, then you might be in luck.

Virgin Holidays has put out an advert for a job that needs filling. But it’s no ordinary job.

For this job, you will be a bartender in a bar that is located around 1 nautical mile off of Jamaica’s coast.

An article on the Virgin Holiday’s website said:

‘Say “Hi” to Floyd! He’s been pulling pints at Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica since he opened it in 2001.

‘And we think he needs a break!

‘That’s where you come in — we’re looking for a bartender to head out to Jamaica to take Floyd’s place for a while.

‘You’ll pull pints in one of the most instagrammable drinking spots in the world.

‘With flights and seven nights accommodation included, you’ll enjoy a taste (and a sip or two) of the Caribbean. Cheers to that!

‘Simply fill in your details below to be entered into the prize draw for a chance to win’.

It is expected that around 99.99% of the population will apply for this position, meaning that only a few politicians will be left in the country if, for example, more positions on this tiny bar opened up.

Citizens are advised not to apply unless you are in need of a morale injection. So that means that all of you will probably apply.

Find out more here: WANTED: Bartender in paradise

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