Fire Service Forced To Use Disused Toilets For BBQs As Effects Of Cutbacks Still Being Felt

Sad images have emerged on social media of firefighters having to use disused toilets as BBQs as the effects of the savage cutbacks continue to still be felt throughout the emergency services.

Ordinarily, during the summer months, firefighters often will resort to cooking their food on BBQs in between dealing with emergency calls.

And whilst only the ‘best’ BBQ’s used to be deployed for the communal feeding sessions, firefighters now have to cook their vegan sausages on the disused toilet bowls which can often be found littering the streets.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“This news could mean that fellow emergency services personnel decide not to take up the invitation to their local fire stations annual BBQ – and who can blame them?

“Whilst the toilets provide a handy place to store alcohol-free beer, the fact that the coals will need to be packed into the bowl of the toilet will be enough to put off even the hungriest of emergency services personnel from attending these annual fire service feasts.

“Many people in the emergency services are still coming to grips with the fact that some politicians decided to cut the budget of the emergency services and just when they were hoping to return to some sort of sense of normality, fire service personnel are told that they can no longer use their Weber Pro 22’s.

“We, therefore, assess that the morale failure that will ensue as a result of this decision will be severe so we are advising all emergency services personnel to be prepared.

“Often, the annual firefighter BBQ has been the main source of inter-service morale and has proved to be a fertile ground for exchanging stories and for getting involved with some much-needed banter.

“But we are expecting a low turn out this year as emergency services personnel (and single female guests) are put off from attending owing to the thought of eating food that has been cooked in a toilet”.

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