Police Deploy Undercover ‘Land Sharks’ In Order To Deter Thieves

Images have emerged on social media of what is believed to be the first undercover police dog (aka ‘Land Shark’) taken as the dog spied on some wrong’uns using binoculars, whilst hiding under a car.

These highly-trained dogs are able to spend long periods of time on surveillance jobs as they only need a small bowl of water and some dog chews to keep them motivated.

These undercover police dogs are also less susceptible to be distracted from their mission, as they do not have phones and thus cannot be distracted by friend updates on social media or notifications from Tinder.

It is still not yet known, however, if these specially trained dogs can be bribed with manky tennis balls and we would encourage citizens that, if you do spot one of these covert land sharks, then not to throw them a ball/chew.

The Ministry of Morale is also in discussions with special dog trainers in order to find out if we could use these dogs to detect morale outbreaks as-and-when they happen.

Talking about the plans, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Morale HQ could train these dogs and send them out into society so that they can report back to Morale HQ as soon as there is any indication of an unsanctioned morale outbreak.

“Our morale enforcement teams could then be immediately sent to the area in order to contain any outbreaks of morale.

“You never know; if you are currently being watched by a dog, then the dog could be working for the Ministry or they might be carrying out some surveillance like the dog in the featured image that was spotted hiding underneath a car with some binoculars.

“The Ministry will not use dogs which could fit in someone’s handbag though, so if you do see a handbag dog staring at you, then it will be working on behalf of another Agency and NOT the Ministry of Morale”.

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