New Ambulance Has Window, Blinds & Hammer On The Inside…But Nobody Cut The External Wall

The Ministry of Morale is investigating after evidence surfaced of a brand new ambulance having a window (complete with a blind and a hammer) on the inside of the vehicle, but then somebody appears to have forgotten to cut the external wall of the vehicle, thus making the ‘window’ completely redundant.

An undercover morale operative messaged morale HQ and said:

“Shame, twas a new build ambo, window on inside layer, complete with blind and hammer……however, nobody cut the external wall…..still solid”

Just how this unfortunate situation has come about remains a complete mystery.

Whilst the mishap caused a temporary increase in the morale of the ambulance crew, the peak in morale quickly subsided when they realised that, once inside the ambulance with the doors shut, then they are effectively ‘cut off’ from the outside world.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“What concerns us here, is not so much the millions of pounds which would have gone into the development of these vehicles, only to have a ‘duff’ window (complete with blind) on the inside of them.

“But rather, the fact that if the patient (or crew) passes wind, then there is nowhere for the aroma to escape.

“Opening the back doors is not an option, because legions of Professional Bystanders will amass and will start filming the goings-on in the back of the ambulance with their mobile phones, only to upload the footage with the hope of becoming billionaires.

“We can, therefore, only assume that somebody forgot to cut a hole on the exterior skin of the wagon thus rendering the window completely useless.

“We are urging medics not to try and cut the window into the vehicle themselves, as there is a high probability that the ambulance will end up looking like it has just completed a tour of duty in a war-torn part of the world.

“There have even been rumours, that the window is, in fact, a secret escape hatch (for the patient) – although, this cannot be confirmed.

“We are even toying with the idea that the window has been intentionally omitted from the vehicle because the ambulance service is sick of feral little oxygen thieves smashing the windows of ambulances.

“But again, this cannot be confirmed”.

If you have experienced any other ‘phenomenon’ whilst at work that has led to an increase or decrease in your morale, then you are encouraged to contact Morale HQ via our Facebook page.

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