WATCH: Huge Convoy Of Police Spotted Heading Towards Krispy Kreme Doughnut Sale

Video footage has emerged on social media of at least three million police vans heading towards what our morale agents believe is a Krispy Kreme doughnut sale.

Our Morale Monitoring Centre spotted the video whilst conducting some surveillance on some citizens who we believe have been responsible for some recent outbreaks of morale.

In the video (below) millions of police officers can all be seen heading down a dual carriageway to where it is believed some doughnuts are being sold at knock-down prices.

It is not yet known exactly where in the country this doughnut sale could be taking place and, even if we did know where it was, we would not share any details just in case every police officer started to make their way there.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Doughnuts are the staple diet of most police officers, so it is no surprise that, upon hearing about the discount, billions of police officers decided to stop what they were doing in order to make their way there.

“We would like to reassure citizens that as soon as the doughnuts have all gone, normal policing services will be resumed.

“As officers up-and-down the country have been forced to endure endless shifts recently, they are extremely hungry and are in need of urgent carbs which is why at least half of the Met’s fleet of people carriers are making their way towards the epicentre of the doughnut sale.

“As and when more information comes into Morale HQ then we will, of course, let citizens know”.

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