Chief Constable Endures Temporary Morale Failure As Staff REFUSE To Let Him Into Police Building

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of a minor incident that has led to a well-respected Chief Constable experiencing a temporary failure of morale.

The morale failure occurred yesterday when the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, Dave Thompson, tried to get into one of his police buildings (Oldbury block).

As the card entry system to the building was not working, CC Thompson resorted to using the intercom so that he could be buzzed through the door.

However, when his staff answered the intercom and he told them that it was the Chief Constable, they proceeded to hang up on him.

Mr Thompson then tried a further three times to convince his staff that it was indeed him, but he was only met with muffled laughter before the line went dead.

It wasn’t until an Inspector came to his rescue that he was finally let into the building.

Taking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“What has happened here, appears to be the result of police staff and officers subjecting each other to the age-old police tradition of ‘waaa’ing’ each other.

“This practice involves trying to get colleagues to fall for light-hearted pranks and is a good way of maintaining much-needed levels of morale.

“Our morale agents have concluded that the staff at the building clearly thought that someone was pretending to be the Chief Constable when, in fact, it was him.

“We are pleased to report that the Chief’s morale was restored and that no-one was put onto a ‘constant watch’ as a result of the mishap”.

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