New Official Way Of Making Friends With Strangers Announced

The Ministry of Morale, after conducting a vast amount of research at the cost of billions of stirlings, is pleased to announce that it has finally come up with a new way of making friends with complete strangers.

With so much hate and anger in the world, we took it upon ourselves to try and develop a new way for complete strangers to ‘break the ice’ with each other with a view to trying to bring more happiness into the world.

At first, most of the ideas which were being thrown around at Morale HQ involved alcohol and getting naked.

But it was quickly decided that this would not be a good idea owing to the potential for illegal activity.

So instead, our morale agents developed the ‘foot shake’.

From now on, when you meet a stranger, you are to remove your socks, interlock your toes and shake your feet whilst saying:

“Nice toe meet you” to be replied with “I mean you no harm”.

Please see the diagram below as an illustration in relation to what you should do (the pink and green tops are not compulsory):

Talking about the proposal, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Whilst, initially, this method of making new friends might seem a bit odd, we are confident that, in time, citizens will feel comfortable enough to start using the new ‘foot shake’ in public when meeting new people.

“In order for this to work, foot hygiene is essential and thus we are encouraging citizens to look after and regularly wash their feet before they start using this new technique.

“Citizens who suffer from a phobia of feet are advised NOT to try this method out and citizens who suffer from a foot fetish are advised to also refrain from trying this new greeting out.

“However, when using the technique, it is vital that one person starts the encounter by saying:

“nice toe meet you”

“otherwise, the friendly greeting might not work and citizens could end up fighting with each other instead of making friends.

“If you like meeting new people virtually rather than physically, then you are invited to join our social media group on Facebook by clicking HERE

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