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As the only ‘organisation’ that genuinely cares about the collective morale of the emergency services, then we feel obliged to report to citizens that the majority of police officers are enduring morale failures like never before.

If you have a chip on your shoulder or you don’t like the police (because you keep getting arrested) or you believe that the police force is not necessary – because you live in a million-pound mansion in the countryside – then I would not bother wasting your time by reading the below.

However, if you, like most decent-minded citizens, appreciate the life-saving work of the police, then we would encourage you to read on.

The current serious morale failure being experienced by many police officers consists of four main elements:

  • Some numpties, having no idea in relation to what happens in the real world, thought that it would be a ‘good’ idea to cut the number of police officers, despite the fact that the population is rising and despite the fact that fewer criminals are being put behind bars. The individuals who made the decision to cut the number of police officers will be forever remembered by humanity for their incompetence.
  • Officers ARE overworked. Indeed, some police officers are having to simultaneously investigate 25 crimes, as well as being expected to investigate new crimes. If you would like to get an insight into how much work has to go into investigating even petty crimes, then pop down to your local magistrate’s court and ask to have a look at some case papers. You will be shocked.
  • Some sections of the mainstream media, who have no idea in relation to the challenges being faced by the police (because they simply do not care enough to find out), seem to get extreme, almost sexual, pleasure from writing and sharing stories about the police when some numpty has decided to film officers as they DARE to take a break. And then these same ‘journalists’ wonder why the police afford them no time when they turn up at crime scenes/critical incidents in order to find out what’s going on. It’s known as karma.
  • There is an organisation out there, who shall remain nameless, who see going after officers with the hope of getting them fired as some sort of perverted bloodsport. These self-important self-obsessed individuals like nothing more than to scoff over some caviar whilst reminiscing over the number of officers they are currently investigating who DARED to do their job.

The above is just a summary and is not conclusive.

But you get the general idea.

Our police are overworked because they have been let down by the very same people who POUR gratitude over them when an officer has laid down his/her life in order to protect the public/politicians. This is why most police officers feel highly offended when they hear such ‘praise’.

Our police are overworked because they do not have the manpower to investigate the tsunami of crimes which they have to deal with. The tsunami that keeps on hitting the shores of law enforcement, over and over again.

Our police are overworked because there aren’t enough prison spaces to house the country’s most prolific offenders. So the same wrong’uns are being arrested over and over again.

Our police are overworked because more and more adults cannot behave like adults and instead believe they have the right to act like children. These silly individuals believe that society owes them something, despite having never contributed to the same society that they just love to take advantage of.

Our police are overworked because they have to fill out tonnes of paperwork JUST for putting someone in handcuffs, because no-one has got the spine that is required to stick up for the police when confronted with organisations who believe that EVERYONE is a victim of society, rather their being responsible for the breakdown of society.

It is a fact, that more and more police officers are taking their own lives.

It is a fact that more and more police officers are taking time off of work owing to PTSD.

It is a fact, that more and more officers are being FORCED to take time off due to stress, owing to the outrageous workloads which they have.

However, there are some sinful individuals out there, who do not want you to know the truth, because it makes them look bad.

These spawn of Satan, are more concerned with their own career prospects than the welfare of the brave men and women who are expected to lay down their lives in order to keep us all safe.

But the TRUTH always prevails eventually and any attempt at hiding the truth is always met with punishment in one form or another.

The Ministry of Morale, the fictitious organisation that we are, will continue to monitor the situation.

Because, beyond the satire, we actually care about not only the police but about the ambulance service, the fire service, the NHS, the prison service and the armed forces.

A wise person (we don’t know who) once said: ‘If you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem”.

There are individuals out there, who have blood on their hands.

And, despite their best efforts, they cannot wash the blood of their sweaty palms until they become a part of the solution rather than continuing to be a part of the problem.

Next time you see a police officer, keep the above in your mind and take a moment to reflect upon just how much s**t they have to deal with.

Next time you read an ‘anti-police’ article, post the link to this piece of truth in the comments. Let’s educate they who walk with their heads firmly up their tight arses.

Thankyou for reading….As you were….

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