Woman About To Get Eaten By Shark Takes Selfie And Posts To Her Instagram

Details have emerged of the moment an unknown female who, whilst being eaten by a shark, still managed to find the time to take a selfie and post the picture to her Instagram with the hashtag #SharkAttack.

The woman was spotted by some citizens whilst swimming in the sea, where she had apparently been for some time as she took selfies in the surf.

Moments later, a shark was spotted by onlookers who had been watching the girl frolicking around in her bikini.

The onlookers attempted to try and warn the female about the shark, but she could not hear them owing to noise her camera was making as she snapped away.

Suddenly, the shark took exception to the girl being in the sea and so opened its mouth ready to swallow the unsuspecting woman whole.

However, much to the amazement of professional bystanders, before she disappeared down the throat of the shark, the lady managed to grab her phone and take a selfie before uploading the picture to Instagram – all within just a few seconds.

Thankfully, several professional bystanders were on-hand to take pictures of the incident

It is not yet known where the girl was keeping her phone – such are the mysteries surrounding women, the beach and mobile phones.

Citizens worried about the welfare of the girl need not get too concerned though, as she was rescued from the shark’s stomach before the shark had a chance to swim off.

The shark was then told off by lifeguards before being set free.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“If you find yourself getting eaten by a shark, then we would urge you not to worry about posting a selfie to social media and would instead urge you to put up some sort of fight.

“Whilst we understand just how important selfies are, we would like to remind citizens that their safety and welfare is more important than a selfie, especially during a shark attack”.

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