Owner Of £60,000 Mercedes Endures HUGE Morale Failure As Car Sinks Beneath The Waves

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of an incident whereby the owner of a £60,000 Mercedes decided to take their vehicle ‘off road’ (onto a beach) only to see their pride-and-joy sink beneath the frigid waves as the tide came in after the car got stuck in the sand.

The owner/driver of the car decided to enjoy the sights of Trearddur Bay in Anglesey, but instead of enjoying the spectacle on foot, he/she decided to take in the splendour via the comfort of his/her £60,0000 4×4 Mercedes.

However, the driver of the nice motor clearly did not understand that even 4×4’s stand little chance when confronted with the ultra-soft sands which can be found on most beaches around the UK and thus ended up becoming stuck, just as the tide was coming in.

Our undercover morale agent has informed us that this unfortunate incident occurred less than 200 metres away from the nearest lifeboat station.

In the images which have been provided to Morale HQ, you can clearly see that, despite the drivers best efforts, the Mercedes did not take too well to the loose and shifting sands of the north Wales beach.

As the tide came in, the owner/driver no-doubt realised that it was about the claim the £60k car, negating the need for the owner/driver to have to worry about cleaning it anytime soon.

After a short while, the car resembled a marine mammal lurking just under the surface of the water.

But, of course, this was no marine mammal. It was a £60k white Mercedes.

In the last image sent into Morale HQ (above), someone can be seen stood next to the semi-aquatic Mercedes stroking the bonnet of the car in order to offer it some sort of comfort and reassurance.

Talking about the unfortunate situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“There is a good reason why you don’t see the coastguard and lifeboat service driving 4×4 vehicles on the beach, even when engaged in search and rescue operations/exercises.

“And that is because they know that taking a road vehicle onto a sandy beach will only ever end in tears for the owner/driver and a very soggy vehicle interior.

“The Ministry of Morale would urge citizens who enjoy beaches, to make sure that they use their two feet to walk around any beaches rather than trying to get the ‘Dakar Rally’ experience by driving their road vehicle on the sand; even if it is a 4×4.

“In particular, owners of expensive 4×4’s are reminded that your pricey cars are great for navigating deep puddles and potholes, but, unless they are suitably modified, then they will be useless on the beach.

“We would like to thank the owner of this vehicle for donating it to the local marine wildlife.

“We are confident that crabs, sea urchins and other marine life will enjoy the luxurious interior of the Mercedes”.

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