Billions Of Citizens Inundated With ‘Gin’ After Asking Alexa To Remind Them To ‘Go To The Gym’

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of a situation that has led to billions of citizens being inundated with copious amounts gin after asking ‘Alexa’, the intelligent speaker, to remind them to ‘go to the gym’.

However, instead of being reminded to ‘go to the gym’ citizens are finding that barrels of gin are arriving at their doors.

And, despite their best efforts, citizens who had intended on going to the gym are instead staying at home and drinking the gin meaning that they never make it to the gym.

Thousands of citizens can be found laying in their doorways having consumed the gin shortly after finding it at their front door.

Employers might find that their staff will be unable to get into work as a result of this situation.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Having motivated themselves to go to the gym, citizens are instead staying in and drinking bucket loads of gin.

“Whilst this situation is leading to a temporary increase in the morale of citizens who are staying at home to consume the gin after they wake up the following day with a huge hangover their morale quickly decreases.

“Therefore, we are asking citizens to make sure that, when speaking to their intelligent speakers at home, that they (the speakers) understand that you want to go to the gym rather than wanting to drink gin.

“If you are unable to do this, then maybe take the gin with you to the gym instead?”

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