City In Lockdown After Giant Emojis Escape From Emoji Farm

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of an incident currently unfolding somewhere in the Shires, whereby giant emojis have managed to escape from an inflatable emoji factory.

So far there hasn’t been any reports of citizens being violated by the emojis but the Ministry of Morale is urging citizens to stay away from the area until the intentions of the emojis become clear.

Judging by the images which have just been released from the scene by our undercover morale agents, some of the emojis appear to have been taken out by elite crayon-munching ARV officers.

So far, only the ‘wow’ and ‘LOL’ emojis have been subdued with the ‘winky face’ emoji last seen heading out towards an exit of a mall where they had been contained.

The Ministry is urging citizens to keep clear of the emojis whilst morale officers are on scene and negotiating with the giant emojis in order to try and understand what their intentions are.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“The last reports we had from the scene were that the winky face emoji was trying to make a roll for it.

“The ‘wow’ face and ‘lol’ emojis have been subdued by our morale officers and are currently being subjected to some intense questioning back at morale HQ.

“We are asking all members of the Professional Bystanders Association to keep well clear of the area and to refrain from filming the scene and also to refrain from telling our morale agents how to do their job.

“It is not yet known how these giant emojis managed to escape from the emoji factory but we suspect that their working conditions were such, that they had no alternative other than to try and escape from the factory.

“We are advising citizens that, should they spot any of the missing emojis, especially the ‘angry’ one, then they are NOT to approach them for their own safety.

“It is thought that the ‘sad’ face emoji is currently trying to find a ‘safe place’ and citizens are urged to give it a ‘hug’ should they see it as well as asking it ‘you ok hun?’ if it is spotted.

“Information and updates are currently being shared in our morale group on the Facebooks.

“Should you desire to join this group, then please CLICK HERE

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