Citizens Asked NOT To Put Their Dogs In Bins After They Have Pooped

During a routine morale patrol, our morale enforcement officers noticed that a citizen had placed their dog directly into a bin after her dog had pooped on a communal bit of grass.

As the citizen who had carried out this worrying act was still in the vicinity, our morale enforcement officers asked her to account for her actions.

It transpired that the female had misread a sign that instructed citizens to place their dogs’ poop into the dog poop bins and had inadvertently put her dog into the bin after he had ‘laid a cable’ on the grass.

Thankfully, the pooch was not injured as a result of the confusion experienced by its owner and, after a quick bath, the dog was restored to its former glory.

The owner was given words of advice by our morale enforcement officers and was told to read signs properly before acting on the instructions therein.

Talking about the episode, our Chief Morale officer said:

“Thankfully, our morale agents spotted the dog before it sank into the bin meaning that it would not have been seen.

“Whilst we admire the valiant owner’s attempts at ensuring that communal areas are kept free of toxic dog poop, we would urge citizens not to place their dogs in bins once their hound has had a poopy.

“Instead, you are encouraged to place the poop in the bin, rather than the dog itself.

“We are advising citizens to share this advice with anyone who owns a dog, in order that they do not make the same mistake as this citizen did”.

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