Cake Fine To Be Extended To 999 Crews Who Wave At ‘Morbulances’

The MoM is today announcing that any emergency services crews who get caught waving at so-called ‘Morbulances’ when mistaking them for emergency ambulances will now be subjected to a cake fine in accordance with the Cake Fine (Offences) Act.

For our civilian readers who may not know, Morrison delivery vans are often mistaken for ambulances whilst emergency services personnel are driving around/responding to blue light calls.

This legitimate confusion often leads to morale failures in the drivers of the Morrison delivery vans, as they have no idea as to why the police, ambulance service and fire service are all waving at them.

The confusion is caused owing to the colour scheme of the Morrison vans which resembles the same colour scheme as emergency ambulances.

We have had reports that drivers of Morrison delivery vans were assuming that they were being waved at owing to the number of doughnuts which are often carried on board their vehicles.

However, the MoM can officially confirm that the Morrison vans often get ‘saluted’ by emergency services personnel as they are confusing the vans with emergency ambulances.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We have recorded incidents whereby emergency services personnel have experienced a morale failure when the driver of the Morrisons van has not waved back at them because he/she has no idea why they are being waved at in the first place.

“We have also had reports of morale failures from the drivers of the Morrisons vans who have become paranoid after being repeatedly waved at by members of the emergency services.

“One driver who contacted our morale hotline told our morale agents that he thought that he was being waved at because the emergency services were expecting him to be involved in an accident.

“So as from today, anyone who mistakes a ‘Morbulance’ for an emergency ambulance must buy their crew mate 12 Krispy Kreme doughnuts”

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