WATCH: Internet Almost Crashes As Video Emerges Of Chimpanzee Using Instagram

At around 10 am this morning (25th April) our Morale Monitoring Team detected that the internet almost melted as billions of people all tried watching video footage of a chimpanzee using Instagram.

The uplift in morale that occurred after people watched the video was unprecedented.

In the footage (below) a chimpanzee can be seen not only watching videos on Instagram, but he/she/gender-neutral can be seen scrolling through videos looking out for particular content.

The footage proves that these majestic animals really are intelligent and shows just how disgraceful it is that some sinful organisations keep these beautiful animals locked up in cages.

We are calling for all such sinful organisations to set their chimpanzees free, immediately.

Indeed, the chimpanzee also shows that, in some cases, these majestic creatures actually possess more intelligence than some people who do not even know how to use Instagram, or, ‘insta’ as it is known to anyone aged under 17-years-old.

There is now a very high possibility that chimpanzees could be used as a replacement for some politicians in some parts of the world.

Talking about the footage, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“I am sure that most people will experience a slight increase in their morale after watching this chimpanzee scrolling through Instagram.

“However, we should remember that some backward sections of our society mistreat these beautiful animals.

“The Ministry of Morale is also now slightly concerned that chimpanzees, once they are bored of watching their fellow species do ‘day-to-day’ stuff on Instagram, might try and log onto adult websites in order to seek out more ‘intimate’ footage of fellow chimpanzees, as is the case with humans who get bored of browsing ‘mainstream’ social media apps after just a few minutes”.

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The Ministry of Morale is committed and dedicated to trying to increase the morale of all citizens all over the world. Please note, that our articles are satirical. We have to add this, as some citizens missed out when common sense was being handed out. 

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We would then invite you to send the video into us, so that we can share it with the general public.

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