Ambulance Hits 3ft Pot Hole, Stabilises Patients Rapid Heart Beat

It would seem that the billions of potholes which can be found on UK roads might actually be serving a purpose other than just causing damage to the suspension of millions of cars on an hourly basis.

One of our Morale Field Agents has reported that a local ambulance, somewhere in the Shires, hit a 3ft pot hole travelling at around 180 mph.

In the back of the Ambulance, was a patient who was allegedly suffering from an erratic heartbeat.

However, thanks to the pothole, the patient’s heartbeat, after being exposed to the sudden shock of the ambulance hitting the pothole at 180 mph, then went back to a regular beat.

This could mean that more potholes are made by local councils in their efforts to try and do ‘their bit’ for the safety of residents.

Talking about the development, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Potholes have been the bane of motorists for years now, not forgetting, of course, cyclists and elderly couples who dart around the roads in their matching electric scooters.

“But it would appear that potholes could actually end up helping you in the circumstances as outlined above.

“The Ministry of Morale has therefore sent a Memo to all local authorities asking them to stop repairing the potholes and to instead dig more of them.

“In reality, only 2 or 3 local authorities are actually trying to repair potholes so we doubt that the Memo will cause too much disruption to their repair plans.

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