Protestors Sending Mixed Messages As Hyde Park Resembles A Plastic Rubbish Tip (This Is Satire By The Way)

Some protestors and/or campaigners (we aren’t sure exactly who) have been sending mixed messages to the environment and to the general public, by not taking their rubbish home with them after a hard day of filling up London’s parks and have instead been leaving a vast amount of plastic waste in public areas.

The protestors who took up residence in this London park seem not to have got the memo about what looking after the environment actually means after discarding their empty plastic cider bottles and plastic bags in Hyde Park, London.

The picture that was taken of the plastic carnage in Hyde Park clearly shows that some people have been turning up without understanding what the point of the protest actually is.

There have also been reports of people going to the toilet in and around the pristine gardens of Hyde Park and it is believed that this is not because the people taking a dump believe that their bodily waste is ‘human compost’.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“You either want to save the environment, or you don’t. It’s quite simple.

“Considering that plastic waste is slowing killing the planet, you would have thought that protestors would a) not buy products wrapped in plastic, b) not leave their s**t (quite literally) all over the place.

“We can only conclude that the numpties who have been leaving their litter everywhere quite clearly did not get the Memo from the event organisers in relation to what the correct etiquette should be when gathering in London’s parks.

“Our undercover morale agents have reported back to Morale HQ that people are just turning up for ‘a day out’ and/or to dispose of their plastic waste in parks.

“Our Morale Agents have also been lifting fingerprints from the discarded plastic items and have been taking DNA samples from the stools which have been left in the bushes around the park.

“Once identified, then those responsible for the mess will be sent to the coastline in order to pick up the mountains of rubbish which wash up on the shores”.

There have also been some intelligence reports that this mess was actually left by a bunch of ‘stoners’ who were attending a festival (4/20) but that they could not be bothered to do ‘their bit’ for the environment by taking their s**t away with them.

There have also been reports that some fellow protestors came and tidied up after the ‘potheads’, who left Hyde Park looking like a disused recycling centre.


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  • IMPORTANT EDIT: a lot of people are misreading this post. This was the aftermath of Hyde Park 420 – and was *cleaned up* by Extinction Rebellion crew. THTC is nothing but supportive of XR. Please read *all* the post copy before flying off the handle, people.

    This is #HydePark after #420. Ashamed is not the word. With #extinctionrebellion not yards away, so many of you couldn’t be bothered to clean up after yourselves. Ironic for a movement that holds a plant in such high regard. #cannabiscommunity you can do better – you need to do better.

    EDIT: Posted this in the comments, but all this ended up being cleaned up by a crew from Extinction Rebellion, which included the absolute eco-warrior legend, Swampy!

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