Police Officers Endure Huge MORALE FAILURES After Being Put On Extended Shifts Owing To London Protests

Reports are coming into Morale HQ that rank and file police officers who have been working standard 8 & 10 hours shift patterns have now been told that they must work 12-hours shifts (minimum) owing to the extreme pressure being placed on resources as a direct result of the ‘Extinction Rebellion’ ‘protests’.

Our morale monitoring equipment detected that even officers who are not routinely in uniform have been told that they now have to put their personal lives on hold and will be working 12-hour shifts until at least next week.

This means that around 33,000 officers, including their loved ones, will now have their personal lives disrupted owing to the fact that hundreds of middle class ‘activists’ have decided to take it upon themselves to shut down London.

The protestors are trying to convince politicians (who are in ‘recess’) to do more to tackle climate change.

However, the only people who lives are being affected by the protests are the men and women who have nothing to do with what the protestors are protesting about.

Talking about the situation, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We have been getting loads of reports of morale failures from police officers based in London who are having to endure 16-hour shifts, day after day, and who are now not able to spend time with their families owing to self-entitled middle-class activists who are taking it upon themselves to bring the capital to a halt.

“London’s police officers (faced with a surge in knife crime owing to the outrageous cutbacks that, you guessed it, politicians, forced the emergency services to endure) are already overworked and exhausted.

“And now they have been told that their leave has been cancelled, their rest days have been cancelled and that they now have to work extended tours of duty and all because hundreds of the posh protestors who have decided that their own views are more important than the safety of Londoners and the welfare of members of the emergency services.

“To begin with, our undercover morale agents detected that there was some support for the protestors.

“However, it would seem that this support is fading fast as hundreds of thousands of people are being affected by the selfish actions of a few hundred people.

“Our advice to the protestors would be to protest in the areas which the police have already designated for you rather than acting like spoilt children who are throwing themselves on the floor because they are not getting their own way.

“And, all the while, the politicians who can actually do something about the environment are on a ‘recess’ so many of them won’t even be affected by the protests.

“You could not make this up.

“Yet again, its the great British public who are being made to pay the price owing to the actions of the self-entitled few who believe that they are above the law and that their views are above the safety and security of Londoners”.

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