Police To Live Stream Body-Worn Camera Footage During Incidents So The Public Can Advise On Tactics

The Ministry of Morale can confirm that police officers will soon be forced to live stream body-worn camera footage to social media during critical incidents so that the members of the Professional Bystanders Association (PBA) can advise officers on what they should be doing.

Currently, body-worn cameras are only use by the police for evidential purposes when dealing with incidents.

However, the advice that is often given by members of the Professional Bystanders Association to the emergency services when they are dealing with critical incidents is so valuable, that the police will now be asking members of the PBA for advice DURING ‘live’ incidents.

For example, when officers are confronted by an aggressive male who is armed with a knife, members of the PBA will be able to tell officers how many of them should deal with the incident and how much force they are allowed to use in order to subdue the dangerous suspect.

During the incident, citizens will also be able to look the male up on social media in order to tell the officers that, when not armed with a knife, the male is actually a really nice chap.

A Mimi Dogooder, spokeshuman for the PBA, said:

“It is about time that our advice was taken seriously by the emergency services.

“For too long now, our members have been turning up at incidents and have been offering their advice to the emergency services only to be told to ‘go away’ or ‘get out of the crime scene’.

“But our members know what they are talking about, because they have watched loads of episodes of ‘999: What’s Your Emergency?’ and also watch the well-known ‘Police Interceptors’ series on TV.

“Therefore, we have more experience than most members of the emergency services which is why our members will turn up at road traffic collisions and will often advise the police on which roads should stay closed and for how long (as just one example).

“We are also specialists when it comes to deciding on how many police units should turn up at different calls.

“For example, you will often see our members turn up at public order calls and ask the police why there are so many police cars in attendance, despite knowing nothing about the threat being posed to the police.

“The fact that a male involved in the disorder might be known for firearms offences based on prior intelligence is irrelevant to our members.

“So we are happy that our members will now be able to offer their incredibly valuable insight during live incidents by watching a live-feed straight from the scene.

“Our members will now, from the safety of their homes, be able to force their unwelcome advice onto the emergency services during critical incidents without even having to leave their homes”.

Talking about the decision, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“Fully-fledged members of the Professional Bystanders Association spend many hours watching emergency services documentaries on TV, so know what they are talking about.

“That’s why emergency services personnel, who have many years of real experience from being on the front line, really do value the input of people who have watched some serious incidents unfold on TV, or just ‘know’ what they are talking about, just because ‘they do’.

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