Paper Targets To Be Given More Rights Under New Proposals

Paper targets which are often found at the end of firing ranges are to be given more rights under new proposals being put forward by the Ministry of Morale.

Paper targets are often forced to stand at the bottom of ranges whilst security services personnel unleash a volley of rounds towards them.

However, the paper targets are rarely consulted in relation to their willingness to stand at the end of a firing range for the purpose of improving the marksmanship of the security services.

Under new proposals, paper targets can apply to be compensated for their time meaning that hundreds of thousands of these targets could now recieve payments of thousands of pounds.

Paper targets would also have to be consulted before they are placed at the end of ranges and our proposals could even see a ‘Paper Target Union’ being introduced in order to better reflect the wishes of paper targets.

Talking about the decision, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“For too long now, paper targets have been forced to stand at the end of firing ranges without ever being asked if they are actually willing to participate in marksmanship training.

“Under our proposals, firing ranges would have to seek the approval of not only the paper target, but also of the Paper Target Union (PTU) prior to making the targets stand at the end of ranges for hours at a time.

“Better ballistic protection will also be afforded to the paper targets meaning they will be less likely to have to glue themselves back together again once the markmansship training has finished”.

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