Lorry Carrying Vicks VapoRub Overturns On Motorway Relieving Congestion For Hours

Early this morning, our morale monitoring equipment detected that motorists who had been stuck in rush hour congestion on the M25 had their route cleared by an overturned lorry that was carrying 4 tonnes of Vicks VapoRub.

Whilst we are not sure how the lorry managed to overturn, what we do know is that miles of bumber-to-bumper traffic suddenly became dislodged after a huge mushroom cloud of the vapour from the lorry enveloped much of the motorway.

Motorists were elated and some witness reports suggest that passengers were sticking their heads out of the window in order to get lung-fulls of the sinus-clearing vapour, especially as it would appear that spring has turned into winter again.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“At this stage, we can’t rule out the possibility that someone who was caught in the rush hour traffic might have got out of their vehicle in order to push the lorry over.

“We are reviewing CCTV of the incident in order to make sure that the same thing happens everytime there are miles and miles of tailbacks on the motorways”.

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