Sales Of Donald Trump Toilet Brushes Soar After Completion Of Mueller Investigation

The Ministry of Morale is issuing a warning of a potential morale failure (Morale Notice) to anyone who might be hoping to buy a Donald Trump toilet brush in the next few weeks.

This Morale Notice comes only a week after the Special Counsel investigation into Mr Trump came to a conclusion.

Within hours, the planet’s supply of Donald Trump toilet brushes quickly ran out meaning that the Ministry of Morale detected multiple morale failures in citizens who had hoped to get their hands on one of the novelty items, but left shops empty handed.

Some of these used brushes are now being flogged on eBay and are attracting bids of over £1,000,000.

Talking about the Morale Notice, our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We are issuing this morale notice in order to try and prevent citizens from suffering morale failures when going in search of these Donald Trump toilet brushes, as the chances of them finding any are slim.

“We would urge people not to get into bidding wars for second hand Trump toilet brushes as, other than concerns surrounding the hygiene of such second-hand brushes, you might end up having to sell your house in order to be able to afford a Donald Trump toilet brush”.

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We would then invite you to send the video into us, so that we can share the video with the general public so that they will be able to leave comments on the video giving you their advice and wisdom. Please note, that the video must be at least 3 minutes long, must not contain any profanities and/or nudity.

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