A&E Visits Down 45% Whilst Facebook Was Down As People Couldn’t ‘Check-In’ On Social Media

Raw(ish) data has been seen by the Ministry of Morale that suggests that A&E visits were down 45% during the recent Facebook outage because most people knew they wouldn’t be able to check-in into A&E on social media without saying why.

Our intelligence suggests that these people, instead of going to A&E, just decided to pop to their local pharmacies instead.

On Wednesday, Facebook experienced some technical issues which meant that some people were not able to create new posts on their statuses.

The world almost stopped spinning owing to the outage of billions of people flooded to Twitter instead, before returning back to Facebook once it was up-and-running again.

Our Chief Morale Officer said:

“We might even think about turning Facebook off during really busy periods in A&E, so that A&E staff are not overwhelmed with the usual hoard of people going there because they have stubbed their toe or sustained a papercut whilst also checking into A&E via Facebook, in the hope that as many of their friends as possible will ask on social media as to why they have gone to A&E!

“Chances are, that you probably have several people in your friends list who are guilty of this!

“You know who you are!”

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