WATCH: Worlds First ‘Human Car Wash’

Do you get tired of having to put in a hard graft just to get your body washed? Do you get bored after standing in the shower for a couple of minutes and get aches in your arms whilst sponging down your body?

Do you often find yourself gazing at cars as they get a good seeing to in automated car washes and think: ‘I wish that was me?’

Well now you can get the full ‘car wash’ experience by installing your very own ‘human car wash’ at home.

However, you might want to stop the cycle when the bristles head for your private areas because there is probably a good chance that you will end up in an ‘awkward’ and painful situation.

People with vast amounts of body hair might also want to have a bit of a ‘trim’ before going for the ‘Gold Wash’ just in case you end up getting caught in the fast-moving bristles.

Gets to all of the ‘hard to reach’ places

There has also been some talk about different ‘attachments’ being fitted to the device which could be used to ‘pleasure’ yourself whilst taking a shower (although these have been ruled out for communal areas).

The future variants of this device could be even more exciting, with talk of a ‘conveyer’ belt system being developed where you can litrally stand and do nothing whilst you are slowly manoeuvred through the various wash cycles, finishing off with a nice hot wax.

However, many citizens have expressed their displeasure at the thought of having to use one of these human car washes in public areas such as in the gym etc.

No more spots on the back of your head

The thought of getting a full-body brush-down immediately after someone who has just spent an hour in a spinning class would probably be enough to put most people off of using one of these.

The human car wash is also not great for men who have ‘man buns’ – a great reason for anyone with a ‘man bun’ to get rid of them ASAP.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments:

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