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WATCH: Woman Falls Into Restaurant Swimming Pool After Buying Most Expensive Dish On The Menu

Morale HQ has been advised of a morale failure that was experienced by a woman who fell into a restaurants swimming pool, having just purchased the most expensive dish on the menu. In the footage (below) the lady can be seen casually looking for a seat whilst holding a plate full of gourmet food in the 5* restaurant. As the

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WATCH: Could This Be A Way Of Stopping Motorists From Using Disabled Bays?

Footage has emerged on social media from ‘Merica of a citizen getting a wheelchair handcuffed to his car after parking in a disabled spot. The citizen responsible for the prank claimed that his ‘pet hate’ was able-bodied citizens parking their vehicles in disabled spots, so he decided to handcuff a disabled persons wheelchair to the car. In the footage below,

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New ‘Masturbation Tax’ To Be Introduced To Raise Much-Needed Funds

Running a country is expensive. Especially when the private sector knows exactly how to mug you off and you pay your politicians £100,000 per year for a few days of work. So that’s why we have decided to introduce a ‘masturbation tax’ that will help to ‘raise’ some much-needed funds. Seeing as how citizens get taxed to the hilts on

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WATCH: Police & Medics Spring Into Action After Football Supporter GBH’d By A Ball

The Ministry of Morale has been made aware of an incident that occurred recently whereby a rogue ball at a football match GBH’d a spectator owing to the manner in which the spectator was eating what appeared to be a hot dog. In the video (below) the victim can be seen eating his hotdog in an extremely sensual and highly

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Citizen Has A Meltdown After Member Of Emergency Services ‘Spotted’ In A Shop

The follow is a personal message from our Chief Morale Officer to the citizen who posted in a ‘spotted’ group, after they saw a member of the emergency services DARE to enter a shop: BEGIN MESSAGE: ‘You might think that this headline/morale notice is a wind-up. But, alas, it is not. Someone actually had a morale failure after they saw

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